Preventative Care

When dealing with antifreeze one of the most important things to remember and cannot be emphasized enough is to make sure that when you change your antifreeze in your radiator or if you have a leak in your radiator and antifreeze leaks out in your driveway, that you clean it up immediately, scrub it up, soak it up and dispose of everything that might contain it. If you observe your pet licking some call your veterinarian immediately! There are some new antidotes for antifreeze poisoning for dogs, but you need to administer them right away. Even with cats if you get them the appropriate therapy at your veterinarian immediately, the prognosis is good if treated within three hours of ingestion. It has the highest fatality rate of all poisons for pets and is especially worse for cats! By the time, signs begin to show, it is often too late! It affects the nervous system, gastrointestinal system, the liver and the kidneys.

Early signs include:

  • mild depression
  • nausea, vomiting and lack of coordination
  • trembling, drinking and urinating excessively

It will cause kidney failure within 12 to 36 hours with signs such as drooling, oral ulcers, seizures and coma.

Prevention, and planning will help with medical costs for your pet. There are many types of insurance

  • Those that cover everything, even preventive care
  • Those that cover only catastrophic events
  • Some cover genetic issues, and some don’t.

Like your personal insurance, there’s a policy out there to meet your needs and budget. Get more information under the Pet Health Tab on the main page.

Policies and Prices are always evolving – Check directly with the company for the most up to date information.

IT’S BACK – February is Dental health month.

Pay full price for the 1st pet and the 2nd is half off (lower price dental will be the 2nd one)
Only need 1 dental? Then we’ll give you a 10% credit and a free small bag of DM (a dental diet that can be fed as a meal or just as a treat to help keep the teeth healthy)

Preventive Dentals are value priced and are excluded from this promotion.

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