International Health Certificate Agreement with Martinez Animal Hospital

Thank you for choosing the Martinez Animal Hospital to assist in fulfilling your pets travel needs.

Health and travel certificates are very detailed and they must be exact which is why we send this information prior to your appointment. Due to the variety of requirements for different airlines, states, and countries, we require you, as the pet owner, to provide us with all necessary information and ALL medical records.

You will need to visit the site to inform you of all requirements for your selected destination. For your travels, your pet may be required to have more than one exam, deworming/de-fleaing, microchip placement, rabies titer test, additional rabies vaccines and a re-titer, and more. Some of the consequences the USDA have that may come with errors or misinformation on your certificate/documentation are delays in travel, additional expenses/fee’s, denied entry to destination, canceled flight/travel, prolonged quarantine, and in some instances even euthanasia. We have no control over the USDA’s consequences or fee’s and once the documents are submitted and accepted, they do not make contact with us. This is why it is imperative you provide all information and records to us in a timely manner! If you are not finding the information needed on the website, here is the contact information for the USDA and they will be able to assist you further:

Fees for the health certificate exam (exam only):
  • International certificates: $280.00
  • Hawaii certificates: $280.00
  • Interstate certificates (excluding Hawaii): $130.00
***The USDA may have additional fees or requirements. This may be shipping labels, wet signatures, additional testing, etc. See their site listed above.***Below are some additional websites that may be useful in providing information for travel requirements or resources to assist in this process.

Your signature below indicates your understanding and agreement in what Martinez Animal Hospital will provide you and what your responsibility in this process is. Your signature assumes all responsibility for the consequences of misinformation or errors on the health certificate. By signing, you acknowledge your responsibility to be in contact with the USDA or travel agency to assist you in acquiring documentation and information needed for your travels.

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