Fight The Bite

April is national heartworm awareness month. Heartworm can be deadly to your pet. With pets travelling more than ever their exposure is high.
One of the easiest steps in protecting your pet (and family) from those pesky mosquitoes is to clean up sources of standing water around your house.

And don’t forget your pet’s annual heartworm test and monthly medication. Our heartworm bundle makes prevention easy and affordable.

Now that spring has sprung, it’s time to tackle the tasks that may have been ignored since fall’s warmer days! Don’t place full blame on your pet, but they sure can contribute a lot of the mess: muddy footprints, fur everywhere, slobbery toys, just to name a few possible transgressions.

Toys. Plush toys and tennis balls go into the washing machine with a pet-safe detergent. That same detergent works great for rubber toys that soak in the sink and then scrub with a stiff brush before rinsing. Put those rope toys into the microwave for about a minute to kill germs lurking among all those fibers.
Carpets. A thorough once over with a vacuum should suck up as much dirt, fur, dander, and crumbs as possible. Any remnant stains get a spot treatment before a DIY carpet deodorizing to whisk away any stale winter smells!

Hard floors. Hardwood and tile floors attract plenty of dust and fur, so give them a vacuuming and a Swiffering to get rid of loose particles. And when your pet is lucky enough to get a juicy treat that he enjoys it in a favorite spot around the house . . . in all its slobbery glory. For an extra cleansing kick, dilute 1/2 cup distilled white vinegar in a gallon of water and mop away! Just be sure to run a clean, dry cloth or mop over the wet surfaces to soak up excess (and prevent slipping!).

Beds. Into the machine, it goes with the same pet-friendly laundry detergent, and that bed is just like new!

Bowls and feeding mats. A wide mat that can accommodate food and water bowls also accumulates bacteria, so it will get a trip to the sink with a good cleansing from the do-it-all detergent. Bowls go into the dishwasher.

Upholstered furniture. The weather is getting warmer which means that your pet’s fur is like another roommate that’s nearly impossible to evict! Use a vacuum with a rotating brush, or the low tech option of a damp rubber glove.

Just like with children, a few precautions can keep our pets safe and our houses clean.

• Keep medications out of your pets reach.

• Go through medications and properly dispose of those that are expired. Visit this link for a location near you:

• Use non-toxic cleaners – everyone in your house will appreciate the breath of fresh air. There are many inexpensive, easy-to-use natural alternatives which can safely be used in place of commercial household products. Here is a list of common, environmentally safe products which can be used alone or in combination for many household applications.

Better Homes is one site that provides green, non-toxic recipes, but there are many more.

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